Australia's most efficient biocontrol release service

Parabug Australia specialises in beneficial insect release technology using a purpose built drone payload system.  Parabug drones have released millions of 'good bugs' over thousands of hectares, across Australia and the US.  From strawberries to large nut trees, small blocks to large fields, Parabug can effectively release beneficials when and where they are needed.

Why use Parabug aerial release
  • Cost effective to apply beneficials to any crop
  • Faster application / reduced demand for labour by grower
  • Release over larger areas
  • More evenly distributed application 
  • Access areas with challenging terrain (wet ground, steep hills, etc)
  • Apply beneficials into the top of tall crops or trees
Advantages of biological control
  • Reduce chemical resistance issues
  • No application withholding times
  • No exposure to harmful chemical / reduce risk to workers
  • More sustainable farming
  • Improved food and environmental safety
  • Better plant health = increased quality and yield
Crop Solutions







Nut Trees


The Parabug mechanism has been purpose built for the aerial application of beneficial insects.  The rolling tubes provide a gentle action which protects the 'bugs' during release, together with keeping the product & carrier mixed for even coverage.  

Parabug has anecdotal evidence that the force and impact used by other adapted spreading mechanisms can injure and even kill the 'bugs' during the release process.  Additionally, open hopper based systems cannot contain active mites, such as persimilis, within the container or carrier.

Parabug Australia's is able to service agricultural areas across Australia through our operator network.


Parabug is the largest beneficial insect application company in the world!

Parabug Australia is a 100% Australian owned family business.

Parabug Australia specialises in the aerial release of good bugs, using drone technology and a purpose built, gentle mechanism.  We work with you and your team to get the job done.

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